A world of plastic



  We use plastic everyday - in our cars, chairs, computers, to store food in and even in makeup and toothpaste. But what is plastic and which types of plastic are there?

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest problems of our time, but why is it that bad for our environment and what happens to our world, when we throw plastic in the nature instead of recycling it?


"Water and air, the two essential fluids on which life depends, have become global garbage cans"
- Jacques Cousteau
"Like fish in an aquarium we swim in a world of plastic hopes"
- John S. Dickerson

Plastic Islands

When we throw plastic in the nature, the wind will take it to the sea. The stream in the water will drag the plastic to the middle of a gyre. These gyres are called plastic island.

It is plastic which - for decades - has been dumped in our nature.

There are 5 giant plastic islands in the world. They are altogether the same size as Africa. We have to do something to clean them up, because it harms the animals. But it isn’t easy, because the islands can be many kilometers thick! 



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Aworld Ofplastic