-20 Days Plastic Free Challenge-

This is a challenge that makes you save our Earth from as much plastic pollution as possible for at least 20 days.

By buying the box, you can go almost plastic free for 20 days. In the box, you will find normal everyday products, but without plastic in them.

The rules for "20 Days Plastic free challenge" are: 

1st Rule

You may not use plastic bags or saran wrap


Use a fabric bag or the plastic free food foil from the box

20 Days Plastic Free Box

The box contains: 

- Kitchen cloth

- Shampoo bar

- Toothpaste

- Handsoap

- Lipbalm

- Toothbrush

- Washing egg and powder

- Kitchen tools

- Dish washing brush

- Dish wash

- Shopping net

- Food foil/wrap

Read about the rules above and look at all of the content underneath. The box will be send directly to your address. 

250 kr. 

Suztain Kitchen cloth

Green kitchen cloth without microplastic. 100% natural and compostable. Long service life and high suction capability. Absorbs 5 times as much as a regular kitchen cloth.

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A world Of Plastic is an organistion which informs people about the big plastic waste. 

We have designed a box, to make people do everything they can, to stop the plastic waste. 

We want them to think about their own part in the plastic pollution, and make them take action in their own everyday life.

We have to solve the problem together in a united movement for a clean nature. 

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