Plastic politics

Denmark is one of the few countries who has a plastic politic and some of their goals are: 


They will put deposit on all juice and cordial bottles from 2020. Additional 52 millions of plastic packaging will be re-used


Thin plastic bags will be forbidden. Plastic bags are hard to re-use,

and it will help to stop the “use and throw away” system that we have.


Use of microplastic in cosmetics

will be forbidden from january 1st 2020


Half of Denmark’s use of plastic bags are going to be reduced by half before 2023

They will spend more money on beach cleansings


They will build a national plastic center, which is going to find knowledge about plastic pollution and convey it to the citizens.


All plastic is going to be designed to recycling. It   will speed up the sorting process a lot


The plastic sorting system is going to be standardised but more effective


These rules are going to help the danish citizens to avoid wasting plastic.

It will make it much easier to recycle the plastic and to stop polluting our environment. We think that every country should have rules like this to help our world in the fight against plastic pollution!